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Why the analysis of Bishnu sir is a huge fail in every week ?

I don't mean that he has to predict the market accurately just because we paid but it's really frustrating to see that he's landing not-even-close analysis each week. He always has that "alternative count" to have him on the safe side. If you're that sure we're going to ride blastic 3rd wave then why do you even have alternative count ? Whyy ? Just to say "hamile alternative ma bhaneko jastai......" ?? No hate to him but we didn't paid to see this.

I dont agree with having an alternative count to make a safe side cuz it will be to make investors prepare if things go other side. There must be an alternate count.

But I see both counts arent working and dear sir SUBSCRIBERS ARENT HAPPY.

I really don't think it is his job to predict the market perfectly. Nor he is obelized. Be glad that he is letting us in time what to expect whether it goes up or down. It is only us who is taking the advice with biased mind and only listen to what we want to hear. He has well prescribed the alternative count in time and you are waiting for the preferred count to be become true.

We need to break our psychological barrier and always expect that the market might not be forgiving to us and be willing to take decisions that we had not expected.

"stock market investment is subject to market risk"....